The Faculty of Technology and Business, Bedër University College organized for the first time
The International Conference on Innovation, Technology and Business, ICIBT 2022 on June 10,
2022. The conference was organized in partnership with the University of Economics and Human
Sciences of Warsaw in Poland, Epoka University, AAB College in Kosovo, the Mediterranean
University of Tirana and the University of Korca. The conference proved to be an academic
event organized for the first time in its format and that attracted the attention of many academics
and experts from higher education institutions, public and private sector stakeholders.
The conference was attended by more than 100 participants, from 6 different countries even from
overseas beyond the European continent, represented by 60 papers. The conference papers were
published in the ICIBT 2022 Proceedings Book and in the Special Edition of EJTB. EJTB is an
international blind peer review journal with ISSN online, journal of the Faculty of Technology
and Business that is published twice a year. The activities of the Faculty of Technology and
Business will continue this year with the symposium "Emerging Trends in Technology and
Business" and the June edition of EJTB journal.
Attached in hyperlink the papers